Society forces women to defend themselves by not holding perpetrators responsible.

Convicting & jailing criminals would stop abuse of women & children.

Instead it is ingrained that women are disposable, over reactive, manipulative & those that could support & protect victims shed responsibility hiding behind the false narrative that the perpetrator had to have been provoked & the abuse is somehow deserved.

This thinking enables & contributes to escalating abuse of women & children.

Especially the idea that IPV abuse (often proven yet ignored) happens in a vacuum, & children are not victims in their own right. Evidence of actual physical or sexual child abuse is denied & usually results in worse treatment of the mother in court.

The courts push this false narrative that leads to an escalation in abuse of the child victims once the criminal loses access to his adult victim, but is granted court-ordered contact with child victims.

The judges, lawyers, & ancillary “professionals” are as responsible as the original perpetrator for years of post-separation abuses & too often subsequent murders.

Not because they are protecting the children’s best interest, but because society makes women targets by preemptively disbelieving them to avoid the discomfort of the reality that they are contributing to abuse & murder.

And the driving factor of this system is money (& control). Women & children are being terrorized & murdered so that the lawyers can make easy money aiding & abetting criminals & w/o accountability it’s only going to get worse.

Many women & children get trapped in a perpetual limbo of vexatious litigation abuse & court-imposed poverty makes fighting back virtually impossible.

Many perpetrators still are not satisfied w/ the abuse by proxy & continue to stalk, harass, & intimidate victims.

The patterns are clear in decades of research that perpetrators will not stop until they are stopped. Murder should not be the measure. What good is recognizing the danger AFTER the victims are dead.

Courts refuse to act in the best interest of women & children, & frankly society-look at how many mass shooters have histories of DV.

Even though women serve longer jail sentences for killing in self defense than men do for murder, it is an end to the abuse & the only permanent protection for their children & for themselves.

So what’s a girl to do?

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Another excellent blog David. Do you know whether Martyna appeal in 2022 was successful?

I'm releasing my next blog today. A little different today David. A bit more reflective! Look forward to your thoughts. X

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