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I am domestic abuse campaigner, survivor, writer and keynote speaker. I successfully campaigned to free my mother, Sally Challen, after almost a decade in prison in a landmark appeal in 2019 having fought to recognise the lifetime of coercive control she suffered.

I continue to speak out against men's violence against women, coercive control and the impact of domestic abuse on children, as well as men's role in tackling misogyny.

I am a Prison Advice and Care Trust Ambassador (PACT) and a Supporter of the National Centre For Domestic Violence.

Bylines: The Guardian, The Times, Al Jazeera, The Telegraph

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My mother and I the day of her freedom, 2019

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Writings and Discussion on Coercive Control and Male Violence Against Women


David Challen
Domestic Abuse Campaigner | Survivor | Writer | Speaker | Freed my mum #SallyChallen in a landmark #CoerciveControl case | Advisor to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner of England & Wales 👉 www.davidchallen.com