As the club considers a phased reintroduction of the player, I ask fans what the forward's return would mean for them.

February 2023

“We have to win in both battles — in the fight for our territory and in the fight for justice,” says Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Andriy Kostin.
The graffiti artist's latest mural portrays an abused housewife, but even before it's removal by the council the depiction of pushing her husband into a…
As internet sleuths swarm the Lancashire village where Nicola Bulley went missing, has our obsession with true crime finally gone too far?

January 2023

Why are so few men engaging in the issue of violence against women?
All eyes are on the Met as they fight to keep Britain's largest police force from the chopping block, but are online police accounts derailing the work…
As Prince Harry's memoir details life in the gilded cage, can the family image of monarchy past show itself to be anything but the abusive image it has…

December 2022

Studies show 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, it’s time to dump these toxic pacts we make with ourselves and start enjoying our lives.
How can we expect to tackle men's violence against women when male idol's like Clarkson are allowed to incite violent hate speech against women?
As a new report finds that more than 1 in 4 boys look for more info about sex through porn, I investigate why relationships and sex education classes…
As I welcome you to my new space here on Substack, I offer you an insight into my story so far and what the journey as a male victim of domestic abuse…